Banish Breakouts with our Facial Cleansing Bars

The two new Facial Cleansing Bars from nude are specially designed to fight breakouts and keep acne at bay. Especially useful for problem skin and if you are suffering from facemask induced pimples.

Read about the Breakout Control Bar and the Cleansing Control Bar here.


This no-nonsense soap means business. Just look at it. It’s not here to mess around. 

Still, our Breakout Control Bar is designed to help relieve acne and fight fungal infections in the gentlest way. It can even prevent your skin from “breaking out” in the first place. Our special blend of antibacterial tea tree oil and activated charcoal offers a blemish-blocking powerhouse – keeping your skin clear ‘n’ healthy, the natural way.

Like the other products in our range, the nude Breakout Control Bar is 100% natural with USDA and EU-certified essential oils. Plus, we use pure coconut oil as a base – with Palm Oil Free certification that makes it genuinely vegan-friendly.


  • Activated charcoal draws out toxins, embedded bacteria and excess oil

  • Tea tree oil can help with facial and body acne

  • Shea butter contains fatty acids to a) reduce inflammation and b) retain moisture

  • Your daily way to keep breakouts at bay!

Breakout Control Bar Ingredients



Looking for a gentle solution that could help you handle breakouts or skin irritation? Well, we’ve got the answer right here! Introducing: a naturally medicated soap, breakout buster and beauty cream in one sweet-smelling package. It’s got tea tree oil to soothe your skin. Sea salt to get rid of bacteria (without removing the good stuff, like healthy oils). Plus, shea butter to offer an extra-moisturising kiss. (Mwah!) This pretty package puts you in control of your skin – not the other way around.

Bonus points? Like all nude products, this Cleansing Control Bar is 100% natural, USDA and EU-certified. It’s also vegan-friendly and Palm Oil Free – we use pure coconut oil as a more eco-friendly base.


  • Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and has been shown to help treat facial and body acne

  • Sea salt is a natural exfoliant packed with skin-healing minerals

  • Shea butter contains fatty acids to a) reduce inflammation and b) retain moisture

  • Pure chamomile oil keeps you – and your skin – relaxed and calm

 Cleansing Control Bar Ingredients


Why Activated Charcoal?

Don’t let the colour alarm you – it won’t stain. What activated charcoal will do is lift lingering bacteria from the deepest recesses of your pores. All those nasty microparticles like dust, dirt, toxins? Gone.

Charcoal also removes excess sebum or oil, which can block your pores and lead to full-on Pimpletown. (Gross.) That’s why our control bar is a preventative measure: with charcoal working to help block breakouts in the first place.

Looking for a great active ingredient? Then activate some charcoal.

Why Tea Tree Oil?

It’s more than a phrase that’s fun to say. Tea tree is one of Australia’s most beautiful exports – including Margot Robbie! Native to southwest Queensland and the northeast coast of New South Wales, the plant produces a pure oil that’s been used in the cosmetics industry for ages. Tea tree oil offers a natural way to relieve painful, irritated or inflamed skin, reduce redness and swelling and help to tackle fungal infections, acne and dermatitis. We use USDA & EU approved Essential Oils in our products.

Psst… Wanna get rid of breakouts? Then break out the tea tree!

Shea Butter

Environmental damage – like pollution, chemical exposure and UV rays from our powerful Aussie sun – wreaks havoc on our poor skin. That’s why anything that can form a protective barrier is definitely A Good Thing.

Shea butter does just that, with a lovely layer of fatty acids to protect your skin and restore it back to optimal health. Both hydrating and absorbent, it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Its buttery goodness can also soothe windburn or sunburn, dry patches or abrasions, rashes and areas of inflammation.

To shea or not to shea? It’s not even a question. See its benefits for yourself.

Why Sea Salt?

Sea salt isn’t just something that goes great on Friday night fish ‘n’ chips.

It’s also an amazing skincare ingredient, filled with nourishing minerals like anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial magnesium, calcium and potassium. Sea salt’s coarse texture makes it a natural exfoliator – removing dead skin and impurities while encouraging the formation of vibrant, youthful skin beneath. Plus, it balances your skin’s pH levels and even promotes healing. If you’ve ever cut yourself shaving, which a swim in the sea has helped, you’ll know what we mean.

Sea salt may not magic up an instant beach body. But glowing skin is a good start.

Shopping for Soap Bars

Why choose nude?

Our entire range of soap bars and beauty products are 100% natural, vegan-certified and Palm Oil-Free. We care about our planet – that’s why we don’t step on any toes by using palm oil. Instead, we include environmentally friendly alternatives in our soap bars, like pure coconut oil, for a splash of moisture that’s kind to your skin...and kind to the planet.

Going nude means going simple. So you can strip away all those harsh chemicals and toxic fillers – and just let nature do its thing.

We’re local

We’re proud to be Aussie owned and we support Australian charity projects, too.

We’re natural

Unlike other body bars, all nude products are 100% natural and organic-certified.

We care

About the environment, that is. So our products are vegan and Palm Oil Free.

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