Going vegan is about more than food. The story of Vegan Australia.

Nude beauty products began out of a motivation to create a range of truly natural products that simultaneously care for our wellbeing as well as helping to protect the planet. There is a growing concern about how our actions impact the environment, and a focus on making more planet friendly choices in our everyday lives. 

Nude beauty products strive to make a positive impact through a culture of responsibility, philanthropy and innovation. We are proud to have our 100% natural high-quality beauty and skincare line certified by Vegan Australia. The Vegan Australia Certified logo ensures you can reliably choose vegan products that meet the high standards set by Vegan Australia. 

Vegan Australia is a dedicated team of hardworking volunteers that aim to promote veganism through a wide range of activities, read on to find out more….

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Who are Vegan Australia?

Vegan Australia is a volunteer-run national organisation that informs the public about animal rights and veganism and also presents a strong voice for veganism to government, institutions, corporations and the media. Vegan Australia envisions a world where all animals live free from human use and ownership. The foundation of Vegan Australia is justice and compassion, for animals as well as for people and the planet. The first step each of us should take to put this compassion into action is to become vegan and to encourage others to do the same. Veganism is a rejection of the exploitation involved in commodifying and using sentient beings.

How does the Vegan Australia Certification work?

The Vegan Australia Certified program ensures that certified products meet the high standards for vegan products set by Vegan Australia: free from animal products, not tested on animals and no animal products used in the production process. Vegan certification is needed because by law not all ingredients have to be listed on a product's label. Also, even if an ingredient is listed, it is often not clear if it is animal based or not. Vegan certification gives people confidence that a product is vegan, without having to read labels, interpret ingredients or contact the manufacturer.

How many vegans are there in Australia? 

Recent statistics about the number of vegans in Australia do not exist. Based on early data from the National Nutrition Survey and other studies we estimate that about 2% of Australians are vegan. This is approximately 500,000 people. A more recent survey found that there are almost 2.5 million Australians whose diet is all or almost all vegetarian and that almost 10 million Australians are eating less red meat. 

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What are the most common questions asked by non vegans and people new to veganism?

Where do you get your protein? - is the most common question! In general people want to be sure that they can be healthy eating a vegan diet, so they will have lots of questions about specific nutrients. Fortunately, they can be assured that vegan diets can supply all essential nutrients and are appropriate for individuals of all ages, as confirmed by Australia's top health body in the Australian Dietary Guidelines. The only nutrient that must be obtained by supplementing is vitamin B12, which can be obtained either using supplements or eating foods fortified with B12. For more information, see "What every vegan should know about B12".

What does 'a vegan Australia' look like?

A vegan Australia would be a place where the rights of animals to their own lives, bodies and freedom would be respected by all Australians. As a result of this, animals would no longer be exploited in the animal agriculture industry and people would eat a diet based on plants and consume no animal products.

We work towards that goal by using every opportunity to raise awareness with the public about the rights of animals and the environmental and health benefits of no longer producing or consuing animal products for food, clothing, entertainment or any other purpose.

Hidden animal products hidden in food are well documented, sweets, sauces, pasta & chocolate. What are the common non food items to watch out for?

Because the animal industry is huge and can supply some animal by-products very cheaply, these by-products will often be used as ingredients in preference to plant-based alternatives. Things to look out for include animal glue in shoes and other products, non-vegan components in colours and inks, gelatin in capsules for vitamins and a number of animal by-products used in cosmetics.

How is the beauty industry responding to veganism?

For many years the beauty industry has had a growing concern about testing of beauty products on animals. While "cruelty free" cosmetics will not be tested on animals, they may contain some products derived from animals and so may not be vegan. Many brands are now going further and certifying their products as vegan, which means they are not tested on animals and they contain no animal products. Of the products certified with Vegan Australia, about a quarter are body products, compared to over half for food and drink products.

The growth in the vegan movement has been accelerating. We can see this in things like the number of vegan products in supermarkets and in the number of people signing up for Veganuary. This year (2021) Veganuary had over 500,000 signups, the largest number ever.

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As 'Plant Based' and 'Vegan living' become more mainstream, more and more brands will get on board with the movement. If you want to be sure of the products you are buying, you need to look for the official 'Vegan Australia' certification logo. All the nude beauty products have it so you can purchase with confidence.

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