Our Story

nude beauty products is a green personal care company that handcrafts plant-based, artisanal products.

nude beauty products was founded to fill the need for a high-quality beauty and skincare line that’s 100% natural, ethical, and eco-friendly.

Our founder was motivated by the idea that as children our parents kept us out of harm’s way, yet as adults we’re often sold products that contain unknown and toxic ingredients. 

His goal was to create truly natural formulations that work as well as conventional products yet never compromise your health or the wellbeing of Mother Earth.

nude beauty products believes that the products we use on our skin can be as nurturing as nature itself, bringing to life the essence of its slogan… “be you, go nude!”

What we believe

nude beauty products was born out of a mission to build a dynamic brand that isn’t just focused on making a profit, but strives to make a positive impact.

As a like-minded team, we’re committed to a culture of responsibility, philanthropy and innovation.

In line with our belief that “we should leave nothing behind”, each item is handcrafted and contains only non-toxic ingredients.

We’d rather invest more and create high-quality products that support and nurture our environment. That’s why we’re certified by the Orangutan Alliance in Australia, Vegan from Vegan Australia, Vegan from PETA and against animal cruelty from PETA.

Who we support

nude beauty products believes in bringing about change through business and enterprise. The philosophy of giving back to the community is tightly woven into our company values.

We support and work closely with a number of non-profit and not-for-profit organizations, including Orangutan Alliance, Vegan Australia, Friends of the Koala, and PETA.

The Orangutan Alliance is a non-for-profit charity certifying palm oil free products. It aims to protect endangered species and their habitats through advocating for sustainable and ecologically-friendly products and practices.

Vegan Australia is an independent non-profit charity that campaigns nationally for veganism through advertising, lobbying, conducting public education campaigns, and more. It was originally formed in 2012 by a group of passionate vegans in Australia.

Friends of the Koala is a non-profit community group led by volunteers, dedicated to conserving koalas and preserving their habitats in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Their core business activities include, but are not limited to, rescuing and rehabilitating koalas, educating the community, and assisting with research.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an international non-profit charitable organization, well-known for its commitment to the cause of animal rights. PETA unites members of the scientific, corporate, and legislative communities to achieve sustainable and large-scale changes that protect animals and prevent their deaths.