Why Green Tea Soap Should Be All the Rage

nude beauty Australia is always seeking innovative ways to take care of your body and look after the planet. Which is why our latest soap product is packed with real green tea leaves sourced from the magical highlands of Vietnam.

These unique bars harness the healing benefits of green tea. Packed full of antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and vitamins, green tea has long been appreciated for its anti-ageing and cancer-fighting properties.

The ancient tea boasts a range of medicinal qualities for your skin, which are just as effective when applied to the body as when consumed as a beverage. Its primary ingredients, caffeine and tannins, reduce puffiness and inflammation, while the vitamin K is an excellent remedy for scars and stretch marks.

Although green tea soap can be used effectively for various skin types, it’s particularly calming for sensitive folks.

Acting an anti-inflammatory agent, the green tea can help appease irritated skin, clearing away pimples and acne. The tannins in the tea neutralize the enzyme responsible for producing excess sebum – the skin's naturally-generated oil – making it an excellent choice for those who suffer from oily skin.

These artisan soaps are thoughtfully-crafted the old-fashioned way – entirely by hand – so, you may notice that each one has a slightly different color and texture. nude beauty Australia takes pride in manufacturing products that contain only natural, healthful ingredients, so rest reassured that you’re not adding anything synthetic or harmful to your body or the environment.

The bars are gently exfoliating with an earthy aroma, leaving your skin feeling fresh, silky and rejuvenated with each scrub.