nude breakout control bar with charcoal and tea tree oil


Our breakout control bar means business. Just look at it – it’s not here to mess around. Still, it’s designed to relieve acne and fight fungal infections in a far gentler way than other facial cleansing bars. 

Our special blend of antibacterial tea tree oil, shea butter and activated charcoal offers a blemish-blocking powerhouse – keeping your skin clear ‘n’ healthy, the natural way. Even better, its formula, based on pure coconut oil, can prevent your skin from “breaking out” in the first place. 

Like the other products in our range, the nude Breakout Control Bar is 100% natural with USDA and EU-certified essential oils. Plus, we use pure coconut oil as a base – with Palm Oil Free certification that makes it genuinely vegan-friendly.

Star Qualities

  • Activated charcoal draws out toxins, embedded bacteria and excess oil
  • Tea tree oil can help with facial and body acne
  • Shea butter contains fatty acids to a) reduce inflammation and b) retain moisture
  • Your daily way to keep breakouts at bay!