Sinclo Water Bottles - What an Eco Cool Product

With so many individuals and companies joining the 'eco revolution', we wanted to highlight some of our favourites. First on the list is the awesome SINCLO, an Aussie company tackling the problem of plastic water bottles. We love Sinclo because they make a great bottle and refuse to compromise on the environmental side of things. Read on to find out more about the product and people.

Who and what is Sinclo?

Sinclo is a small business selling stainless steel water bottles. It’s made up of myself Kate, my partner Sam and our staffy Alo. The name comes from a mix of Sam’s last name Sinclair and Alo - Sinclo. We created Sinclo after being frustrated with not being able to find a water bottle that we both liked.

Sinclo Environmentally friendly water bottle

Tell us about the journey to create the bottle itself.

So when we started I was so naive and thought it would be so quick and easy and we’d have our final product in a month... We sought out a designer to bring our ideas to life in 3D designs and then we went on a mission to find a manufacturer. Finding a manufacturer that aligned with us was a task and a half. We spoke to around 10 different companies until we found the one we ended up with. Our main things were the quality of the products and the conditions for the workers. We went through lots of 3D designs and so many minute colour changes and adjustments. We started this process at the end of July and finally had our first samples at the end of November.

What makes you and the Sinclo bottle different?

Our water bottles are very high quality and look good too! (We are slightly biased, I know..) They really do keep your water cold which is always such a big claim from so many I’ve tried over the years and not many have actually lived up to it! We also pride ourselves on having zero plastics in our packaging and giving back to charity with each purchase through our Sinclo giveback program. But eventually our biggest difference will be that we will have a multitude of lids that can be used for all different purposes and preferences. All of our lids will be interchangeable between all bottle sizes as well. So if you have multiple bottles then you can just purchase one new lid each time they’re brought out and just swap them between your bottles.

What is the Sinclo Giveback program all about?

The Sinclo Giveback program was created as we wanted to be able to give back to the community. We regularly donate to charities and try and support where we can ourselves so it’s even more satisfying to be able to give the customer the choice where to donate the $1 from their purchase.

5 other awesome eco products we should all know about...

Oh wow okay 5 products;
Not really a product but a solution - I think is absolutely incredible. Save all of your compostable goods and then you can find someone near you that composts to drop everything you’ve saved off to.

If you’re a yoga fan then you need to check out @luna_activefitness, Sasha has created some beautiful mats that are toxin-free.

I have recently switched over to using toothpaste tablets to save on the plastic from toothpaste tubes. It took about a week to get used to but now I love it. There’s a few companies that do them now but support your small aussie business and check out @ecosmileco

I’m currently obsessed with Cove cleaning products, they are refillable aluminium spray bottles. So you can just buy the little pouch to refill the bottle once empty. So much less waste and have plant based formula instead of using petrochemicals like most cleaning products.

Finally, natural deodorants. Either buying tinned deodorant from Aussie businesses like No Pong or Natural Approach or making it yourself. I’ve been making our deodorant for the past year and a bit and wouldn’t turn back. So much better for the environment not having to throw away huge amounts of plastic or spray bottles each year. And it’s so much better for your body as it’s natural! No artificial fragrances or nasty chemicals.

Eco water bottles

Give us the most unusual eco tip you have.

Oooh I think the most unusual eco tip would be to save all of your vegetables or herb scraps as you go and put them in a little container in the freezer. Once the container is full you can boil them all up and then after simmering for a few hours, you strained the liquid and you’re left with a beautiful vegetable stock! Then you can take the strained scraps to a composter near you.


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