Return of the soap bar: Save the planet with your morning shower

Why the World Is Ditching Plastic Bottles

Soap bars are making a comeback. And this is one trend you should jump on. Reducing plastic in our everyday lives can sometimes feel challenging, but switching your bottled product for a soap bar is a simple way to cut back on unnecessary packaging.

Plastic is a massive contributor to pollution. There’s approximately 9 billion tons of it in the world today and over 6 billion tons of that remains unrecycled. So, where does it go? The majority of it ends up in landfills while the rest litters our communities, waterways, and oceans. Since it doesn’t break down, much of it is swallowed up by fish while other marine animals get caught in bags, soda rings, and fishing lines. The resulting impact of this non-biodegradable waste is devastating now, and could be catastrophic in the long term.

Decreasing plastic consumption isn’t the only ecological benefit of the soap bar. Bottled soaps are mostly made out of water, which adds to their shipping weight and carbon footprint, whereas, soap bars are lighter and more compact. There’s also less water usage in the production process, making them a more environmentally conscious choice overall.

End plastic pollution

While we’re talking about less, let’s talk about more! A recent study found that on average liquid soap amounts to 3.5 cents per hand wash while bar soap costs around 0.4 cents per wash. So, not only are soap bars better for the planet, they’re also kinder to your wallet.

You can help your soap bar last even longer by ensuring that it’s not left in a wet puddle. A soap holder will help prolong your bar’s life by allowing it to dry out between uses so that it doesn’t gradually disintegrate.

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Packed with Nutritious, Plant-based Ingredients

People are sometimes concerned that soap bars can dry out the skin. But natural soap bars, like those made by nude beauty Australia, are healthier and have fewer ingredients than liquid soap. Soap bars have been around for much longer after all, once concocted by the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans. While solid soap is made from a blend of fat/ oil, water, and alkali, liquid soap is a synthetic detergent, made out of chemical compounds.

It’s important to remember that not all bars are formulated in the same way. Conventional soap bars can be harsh for your skin and the environment due to their many synthetic ingredients. At nude beauty Australia, we strictly avoid preservatives, fragrances, and anything else that’s remotely toxic and yucky, opting for only natural, vegan recipes.

Unlike a lot of brands on your supermarket shelves, we also avoid palm oil at all costs due to its atrocious impact on the planet. Instead, we use coconut oil in our soap for its moisturising and restorative properties, which is suitable for most skin types even sensitive folks. Read more about our Palm Oil Free stance here.

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An Aesthetically Pleasing Addition to Your Bathroom

Each one of our soap bars is handcrafted into a unique artisan product, which is a lot prettier than those clunky bottles sitting around your bathroom. They come wrapped in a simple layer of recyclable paper, so there's no waste that could potentially pollute the environment.

For many years, the myth that soap bars are unhygienic motivated buyers to reach for their bottled alternatives. But research has shown that the soap bar doesn’t provide less cleaning power. While a soap bar may gather bacteria, it isn’t any more than the germs that already live on our bodies. When we lather a soap bar in our hands, it foams up and washes away the germs in exactly the same way as liquid soap.

So, if you’re looking to up your sustainability game and keep your skin healthy, the good old-fashioned soap bar is the way to go. Whether it’s a body scrub or shaving bar that you’re after, nude beauty Australia brings you an eclectic of spectrum of flavors, colors, and textures to choose from. From coffee to green tea to coconuts and oranges, there’s a delicious scent for everyone, including an undeniably cool Koala Bar that’s reminiscent of eucalyptus. Piles of plastic waste