Nude Cleansing Control Bar with Sea Salt & Tea Tree Oil


Looking for a gentle solution that could help you handle breakouts or skin irritation? Well, we’ve got the answer right here! Introducing: a naturally medicated soap, breakout buster and beauty cream in one sweet-smelling package. It’s got tea tree oil to soothe your skin. Sea salt to get rid of bacteria (without removing the good stuff, like healthy oils). Plus, shea butter to offer an extra-moisturising kiss. (Mwah!) This pretty package puts you in control of your skin – not the other way around.

Bonus points? Like all nude products, this Cleansing Control Bar is 100% natural, USDA and EU-certified. It’s also vegan-friendly and Palm Oil Free – we use pure coconut oil as a more eco-friendly base.

Star Qualities

  • Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and has been shown to help treat facial and body acne
  • Sea salt is a natural exfoliant packed with skin-healing minerals
  • Shea butter contains fatty acids to a) reduce inflammation and b) retain moisture
  • Pure chamomile oil keeps you – and your skin – relaxed and calm